INCA Graphic is a branding, design, and marketing strategy studio with a passion for working with the arts and education communities. We also love to work with businesses and organizations that know how important it is to look good and market smart. We want to connect you with your target audience, and keep you connected.

I have always loved movies. My earliest memories are of summer family outings to the local drive-in movie theater, magic at twilight. From those early experiences grew my life-long love for all the arts.

While stationed in New York with the US Coast Guard after high school, I jumped into the city’s cultural scene, frequenting museums, concerts, and theater.

When I was in college, a work-study job at the campus performing arts theater gave me the chance to work with visiting show and dance companies. I also performed in the college mixed choir.

After earning an English undergrad degree and a masters in cinema studies, I started working at NYU, in the marketing department of the School of Continuing Education (now the School of Professional Studies). Under the tutelage of the late education marketing guru Dorothy Durkin, I progressed from the position of editor to director of publications over the next 16 years. During this time, too, I started doing freelance design production work, essentially apprenticing my art degree with some talented designers.

Along the way, my wife and I had triplets, and my daily commute into the city became less and less attractive. In 1999, I took everything I had learned about marketing and design and created my own studio, INCA Graphic, with the mission to support arts and education organizations, to be of service to those who had brought such meaning and joy to my life.

And where did that name come from? Born from a brainstorming session on the train one night, INCA is the acronym for I’m Not Commuting Anymore.

And there you have it.