So, What is Your Position?

Businessman agitator with a megaphone pipe

You’ve got a snazzy logo, you’ve got what you think is a good brochure, your elevator pitch is sharp and amusing, everything feels good, feels right.

But for some reason you’re just not getting the sales numbers you felt you had every reason to expect.

You start going over everything in your head. Maybe I should rewrite and redesign the brochure. Let’s change up the key words on the website. Maybe I need a tag line that’s catchier.


Or maybe you need to better define your position.

Say what?

No, we’re not talking about where you stand on a political issue. We’re talking about your market positioning.

Your organization’s position is what gives people a reason to buy from you. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors.

Are you the first to offer a certain product or service? Do you have a specialty that no one else in your market offers? Perhaps you make your product slightly differently from your competitors so that it works in a uniquely superior way.

All too often businesses play follow the leader. They see a business being successful, and so they think if they operate the same way, they, too, will be successful. And maybe they will, but not as successful as they would be if they were the leaders.

Be bold in stating your position. Make sure to trumpet your uniqueness so everyone knows that you are the one with whom to do business.

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