Telling Stories

“Tell your story” is the exhortation of marketing gurus everywhere these days, and with good reason.

Telling stories has connected us as human beings from time immemorial. From the stories of the ancestors told around ancient campfires to the collected fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers, from the works of great literature to a movie about a galaxy far, far away, stories have always enthralled us. When my kids were young, story time was a treasured, not-to-be-missed part of their bedtime ritual.

Stories tell us where we come from. Stories tell us we are not alone in our experiences. Stories help us map where we are going.

It is no different for your organization, be it a corporation, an art gallery, a college, or a nonprofit.

You have stories to tell, of course, and tell them you should: how your company started, who you are, how your organization helps people.

Your ongoing story, however, is much bigger than those singular tales.

Your ongoing story is the story of your brand, how your organization is perceived by the public, by your current and potential clients and customers.

Everything your organization does every single day tells a part of the story of your brand. How you engage with your customers. How you interact with your employees. How you live up to your commitments. How much value you bring to your clients. How you make people feel when dealing with your organization.

Stories are powerful.

How well are you telling yours?

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